Company details

Company details

ekamed GmbH & Co. KG
Im Stadtfelde 43
31515 Wunstorf

+49 (0) 05031 70410 0
+49 (0) 05031 70410 30
Legal form:
GmbH & Co. KG
Ralf Matschurek
Ralf Matschurek
Register type:
Register of Companies
Place of register:
County court, Hannover
Register number:
HRA 110221
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hannover
Tax ID
DE 116 116 746
Unlimited partner:
ekamed Management GmbH
Ralf Matschurek
Place of register:
Countycourt, Hannover
Register number:
HRB 210229

Data protection regulations

We only collect, process and use your data within the provisions of the law.

This data protection statement is only valid when using the website offered by us. It is not valid for the websites of other service providers who we happen to refer to via a link.

You remain anonymous when using our website unless you allow us explicitly to make use of personal data. Personal data will only be collected when necessary for using the services offered on our website, especially forms.

We will treat the information you provide us with absolute confidentiality. We will not pass on personal data without your explicit consent unless demanded to do so by law. We must however point out that a third party may access and falsify your data. This can always happen to information sentthrough the internet.

We will always allow you to view your saved personal date or delete it, if you express this wish. If you would like to correct, delete or view data, simply write to the address given in the company details.

We will only send our customers details about new products if we have been given your E-mail address for this purpose.

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