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ekamove lateral positioning system with sensor monitoring We keep your patient on the move!

With ekamove you can respond individually to the support needs of your patients/residents. Right (R), back (N), left (L) or R-L or L-back (N) support etc.: with ekamove you can meet your support needs.

Furthermore, you can select a separate support time and angle for each partial support area to protect affected areas of the body.

All support changes are sensor-monitored to ensure that the support is carried out with a high degree of reproducibility.

For simplified logging, the support intervals performed can be transferred to your EDP system via a storage medium. This makes it easier to analyse the healing process at a later stage and allows for case-related support optimizations to be carried out more quickly in a results-oriented manner.

ekamove 30 ° side positioning system with sensor monitoring

Benefits at a glance

  • Large area of pressure relief
  • Support the healing of existing decubitus
  • No disturbance to night's rest
  • Low noise
  • Even heavy patients/residents (up to 300 kg) can be gently transferred (protection of the health of the nursing staff)
  • Full orientation, as the patient/resident always lies on their back on the soft care mattress
  • Gentle positioning also for pain patients/residents
  • Versatile individual programming
  • Logging via EDP
  • Sensor-monitored support replacement
  • More care by nursing staff
  • Promotion of the microclimate and blood circulation
  • Robust, durable, reliable
  • Can be integrated into any healthcare bed with side rails
  • No need for an alternating pressure mattress

Item number:

2015 0015 ekamove

2015 0016 ekamove XL

2015 0025 ekamove with leg extension

2015 8515 ekamove with ekaFlex anti-decubitus and care mattress

We offer our ekamove 30° lateral positioning system for 14 days free of charge for a trial period so that you can convince yourself of these many advantages.

ekamove 30 ° side positioning system with sensor monitoring
ekamove 30 ° side positioning system with sensor monitoring
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